Alla båtar genom NWP 2010

november 9th, 2010

136  Ariel IV (15·2 m sloop),  Sweden, Eric Boye            

137  Astral Express (12·5 m yacht), New Zealand, Graeme Kendall      

138  Hanseatic (ice-strengthened ship), Bahamas, Ulf Wolter              

139  Kapitan Khlebnikov (icebreaker), Russia, Anatoliy Kovalenko

140  Octopus (128 m motor yacht), Cayman Islands, Jannek Olsson     

141  Rx II (11 m yacht), Norway, Trond Aasvoll     

142  Solanus (14·5 m yacht), Poland, Bronislaw Radlinski

143  Young Larry (13·4 m yacht), Britain, Andrew Wilkes

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  1. Victor skriver:

    This list is only alphabetical hastily prepared by Scott Polar Institute before Mr. Headland departure for Antarctica. Two that crossed 2010 are missing from the list. Sarema (nr. 2) and TP-6 (unknown) super motor boat. No umber should be there.
    Enjoy winter stay at warm Kodiak place and get ready for Gulf of Alaska crossing next year as Solanus got bitten out for nearly three weeks in 7-8 B storms before arriving to Victoria with flooded engine. 2010 was not as easy as 2009 and 2008. We will see it next year.
    Don’t forget to send St. Nikolaus Christmas card to Goja Haven.
    Cheers, Victor

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